Let the materials do the work for you with this beautiful and on trend Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY.

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Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Photo 1


Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Supplies
step 1
Measure your chain for your wrist, keep in mind that your jump rings and closure will add length to your bracelet.

I found that I was able to open the links on the plastic chain with my hands, this way there was no damage done to the links. Just be careful not to bend them too hard, so they dont break.

step 2
Using your pliers add one large jump ring to one end of your plastic chain and two large jump rings to the other end.Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Adding Jump Rings

step 3
Using your small jump rings add one with the circle closure to one of the large jump rings on one end.

Add two small jump rings and the bar for the closure to the other.Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Adding Closure

For the remaining jump ring, use one of your small jump rings to add your charm.Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Finished

If you were to look up easy peasy in the dictionary (ok, I know its not there) but, there would be a picture of this bracelet. But thats the best part! This plastic chain is so pretty and with some simple gold closures and a charm you can have a gorgeous bracelet in about 10 minutes! And the plastic chain is so lightweight, this bracelet is really comfortable to wear.Large Plastic Chain Bracelet DIY Photo 2

What would you add to your large plastic chain bracelet? Please leave me a comment and let me know how yours turns out.


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