A unique take on a traditional pearl necklace, this Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY is an edgy update to a ladylike staple.

Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY www.trinketsinbloom.com

I’ve seen many versions of this type of necklace, from Chanel to Lilly Pulitzer. But what I like the most about it, is the combination of an edgy heavy chain with pretty pearls. It’s a fun necklace that can be worn with just about anything.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Inspiration


  • Large chain
  • Large pearls
  • Small beads
  • Jump rings
  • Closure
  • Pliers
  • Bead pins

Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Supplies
step 1
Measure out your large chain.

step 2
Make it long enough to go around your neck.

I used some leftover chain that I had and it wasn’t quite long enough, so I used some large jump rings to extend it. I kind of like how it turned out with the large jump rings.
step 3
Using your jump rings attach your closure to the ends of your large chain.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Adding Closures

step 4
Take your pins and add one small bead and one large bead to each of your pins.

I made one pin for each of the links in my chain.

step 5
Using your pliers, bend the end of your pins over and wrap them through a link on your chain.

Wrap the end tightly around itself to hold it.

Just make sure you leave it loose enough around the link in your chain so that it moves around loosely. You don’t want it to be stiff or too tight.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Prepping the Pearls

Continue adding all your pins to your chain.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Assembling the Necklace

By adding one bead to each link it doesn’t lay flat, but that’s the cool part, it adds movement.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Finished

This versatile necklace can be dressed up or down. Wear it with a plaid shirt or sweatshirt to dress up a casual outfit or wear it with a little black dress to add some edgy sophistication.Large Chain and Pearl Necklace DIY Close Up

How will you make this your own? Do you prefer gold or silver chains? Leave me a comment and let me know how yours turns out!
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  1. Simly yet elegant.
    My question is what’s the best place to purchase bead/chains in bulk.


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