Every year my husband and I try to plan at least one getaway. This year (well it crossed over 2014 into 2015) we went to Jamaica for a week. So I’m a little late posting these, but better late than never.


This trip was definitely a much needed getaway, but at the same time I found it to be a little bit harder to get away this time. We haven’t taken too many trips without our daughter and this trip, being right after Christmas and going for a whole week, I was a bit apprehensive about going. I actually found myself freaking out about things like life insurance and I probably drove my husband nuts, but I guess he’s used to me by now.

All that said after a few days on a beautiful tropical island (that and several FaceTime calls to know that everything really was ok at home) I totally relaxed. We started in Montego Bay, we were only there for one day before heading to Negril. During that day we went to Martha Brae and went on a raft down the Martha Brae river. Amazing! I think that was still the highlight of our trip for me.
The captain of our raft also carved these beautiful gourds.Jamaica-martha-braeJamaica-montego-bay

The people, the water, the birds it was amazing.

There were so many artisans there, such beautiful work.Jamaica-negril_1

One rainy day I followed this peacock (ok, I kind of stalked it) but he wouldn’t spread out his feathers. Finally the day before we left I got a picture.Jamaica-peacock

I really want to mention this guy we met over there in Negril, Captain Moses. He runs day tours and his small shop was right next to our hotel. We took 2 tours with him (actually his son drives the boats now) the first one we went on was a glass bottom boat to Booby Cay Island. They stop and let you go snorkeling on the way and then when you get there you hang out on the beach and they grilled our lunch for us. It was so nice and relaxing. They just let us hang out for hours. The second trip was a sunset cruise, equally beautiful.Jamaica-captain-moses

It was so beautiful and relaxing.

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