It may be chilly out, but you can stay warm and chic when you create your own DIY Veiled Beanie.

DIY Veiled Beanie by trinketsinbloom.com


  • Knit hat (beanie)
  • Large Veiling
  • Feather trim or yarn
  • Needle & thread
  • Hot glue

DIY Veiled Beanie Supplies

step 1

Measure your veiling around your head and not your hat before cutting. I recommend putting your hat on and measuring the veil around your head, so you can mark on your hat where you want to sew.

You don’t want your veil to be tight across your face.

DIY Veiled Beanie Measuring

step 2

Lay your veil flat on a table and place your hat on top.

step 3

Gather your ends and using your needle and thread tack your veiling to your hat using small stitches.

DIY Veiled Beanie Sewing

Do this for both sides.

DIY Veiled Beanie Finished Sewing

Flip up the bottom of your beanie.

DIY Veiled Beanie Fold up the brim

step 4

Heat up your hot glue gun.

Take your feather trim and make small pleats adding glue to every pleat to hold it.

DIY Veiled Beanie Making Pouf

Continue wrapping and gluing your feather trim until it forms a pouf.

step 5

Glue your pouf to the top of your hat.

DIY Veiled Beanie Finished

If your prefer you can use yarn to make a pom pom for the top of your hat instead.

DIY Veiled Beanie Photo by trinketsinbloom.com

You can wear it with the veil up or down.

DIY Veiled Beanie Photo with Veil Up by trinketsinbloom.com

I’ve been seeing Anna Dello Russo wear one of these for awhile now and looking uber chic as usual. Kate Spade has one and I believe the trend started with Jill Sander. No matter who started it, it’s still an awesome combination of utilitarian warmth and classic sartorial chic (with a bit of whimsy thrown in for fun)! What’s not to love!?

DIY Veiled Beanie Photo 2 by trinketsinbloom.com

Stay warm!


    • That’s so cool! It’s such a fun trend!


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