Unexpected materials are combined to create this cool and on trend DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace. Its quick to make and you may already have everything you need.

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This is so quick to make, you can have a new necklace to wear to work today!

I was inspired to make these DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace’s after seeing them in Lucky magazine.
DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Inspiration


  • Rope or cord
  • Brooch(es)
  • End caps (optional)
  • Glue (for end caps)
  • Hot glue (if not using end caps)

DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Supplies

step 1

Measure out your cord.

For the purple cord (the shorter one) I made mine 20 inches.

For the orange cord (the longer one) I made mine 29.5 inches.

If you are not using end caps and you are folding your ends over, add an extra inch to the length of your cord.

step 2

Once your ends are cut, use a lighter or a candle to “burn/melt” the ends of your cords. This will keep your ends from unraveling. Please be careful!

step 3

If you are using end caps:

Place a small amount of glue inside your end caps.

I used Aleenes Jewel-it glue, so it needed to sit for about 10 minutes before adding the cords.

Once your glue is ready push the ends of your cords into the end caps. Push them in as far as you can.

Let dry.

step 4

If you are not using end caps:

Fold the ends of your cord over about a half inch and put a small amount of hot glue on the end to hold them.

Hold your folded cord with your fingers until the glue is dry.

DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Ends

step 5

Add your brooch.

If you are using the end caps, slide the pin from your brooch through the holes on the ends of your end caps.

If you are not using end caps, slide the pin from your brooch through the loops on your cord.
DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Backs

DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Finished 2

DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Finished 1
DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace Close Up
This is such a simple idea, but it gives a big impact. The combination of the colorful cords with the rhinestone brooches is very unexpected and interesting.

If you read yesterdays post you saw a lot of ideas on how to wear or use brooches in your DIY accessories. This DIY Rhinestone Cord Necklace is another great way to wear a brooch. Its quick and simple to make and you can easily trade out your brooches to change the color or look of your necklace.

Please leave me a comment and tell me how yours turned out.


  1. Cathy these are so easy and so fabulous! I really like how you took what I thought was going to be the back of the necklace and actually used it to attach the brooches, thereby hiding them! Brilliant! By the way, where do you find your cord? I have the hardest time sourcing materials!
    Smart n Snazzy

    • Hi Lia,
      Thanks! I found my cord at a 99 cents store (that no longer seems to have it). :( But I have seen it at some of the smaller hardware stores, the little mom and pop types.

  2. That is so smart. Would make a great bracelet, too with a short bungee cord.


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