Halloween party planning can be a lot of fun, but as the host we often leave our costume to the last minute. Never fear this DIY Kitty Ears Headband and DIY Veiled Bow Headband can be made in a snap and they’re sure to take your look from Shriek to Chic in no time!


Since these headbands are so quick to make you can also create a few different styles and use them for fun photo ops for you and your guests at the party.


  • Lace
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Headband
  • Mesh
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors


step 1
Take two of your pipe cleaners and bend them to shape your ears.kitty-ears-headband-bend-ears

step 2
Add hot glue to one side of your ears and lay your lace across.

Let the glue dry.

step 3
Trim the lace around the ears.

Leave about a half inch or so and trim it irregular to give a more lacy furry look.

Bend the bottoms of the pipe cleaners on your ears.kitty-ears-headband-add-lace

step 4
Measure out the lace you will use for your veil.kitty-ears-headband-cut-lace

I used about 18 inches.

step 5
I recommend trying on your headband and holding the lace up to see where it fits best.

Then glue the sides of your lace to your headband.kitty-ears-headband-glue-sides-of-lace

step 6
Next glue the top center of the lace to the top of your headband.kitty-ears-headband-glue-top-of-lace

Start folding your lace to “gather” it along the top of your headband gluing as you go.

Let your glue dry.

step 7
Glue the bent part of the pipe cleaners on your ears to the headband.kitty-ears-headband-glue-ears

Let dry.

step 8
Trim off all extra pipe cleaners and lace to make a smooth edge.kitty-ears-headband-trim-lace-ears

step 9
To cover up the ugly glue showing through the lace on the top of the headband, I glued pipe cleaners to the top of the headband.kitty-ears-headband-cover-w-pipe-cleanerkitty-ears-headband-glue-lace-veil

step 1
Fold one of your pipe cleaners into a rounded square.kitty-ears-headband-center-bow

Twist the ends together to close and trim off any extra.

step 2
Use two more pipe cleaners to for the sides of the bow.kitty-ears-headband-sides-bow

Twist the ends together to close.

step 3
Add hot glue to one side of your bow.

Be sure to add glue to the whole side and lay your lace on top.kitty-ears-headband-glue-lace-to-bow

Let the glue dry.

step 4
Trim the lace around the bow leaving about a half inch and trim it irregular.kitty-ears-headband-trim-lace-on-bow

step 5
Use about a half yard of mesh.kitty-ears-headband-bow-veil

Fold it in half.

step 6
Starting in the middle of your mesh and slightly off center on your headband, glue the mesh to the headband.

Continue gluing the mesh to your headband, folding and slightly bunching the mesh as you go.kitty-ears-headband-glue-bow-veil

Let the glue dry.

step 7
Glue the bow to the headband on top of the mesh.kitty-ears-headband-glue-bow-to-headband

Let the glue dry.

Finish the look with some dramatic makeup, a red lip and a little black dress and you’re sure to be the hostess with the mostess!

This post was made in part with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores, be sure to post your Halloween projects on social media with the hashtag #DIY4Halloween

To see more fun and spooktacular Halloween ideas hop on over to JoAnn.

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions, tutorial and ideas are my own.

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  1. Cool! I did it, but I skipped the extra lace. Also, I think mine turned out super good. I made bunny ears too. ;)

  2. I did this without the extra lace. I did the cat ears and then did makeshift bunny ears. ;)


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