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Happy Friday! In keeping with my post from Tuesday about creativity I’ve put together a list of links that I find inspiring or just think are really cool. Create your own style by finding inspiration in all the beautiful things that are out there!

Create Your Own Style by Trinkets in Bloom

For me the weekend is a time to get caught up on all the stuff I didn’t quite get to during the week but to also take some time for myself and get inspired. Sometimes it’s a different kind of DIY, an amazing artist that makes us see at things in a new way or just something silly that makes us laugh.

I hope you find something that you’re looking for in these links.

1. Gorgeous and mesmerizing! Watch this short film! http://heatherhansen.net/film/

2. Could you go a week without the mirror? http://clementinedaily.com/2013/09/challenge-mirror-free-week/

3. I love a good pastry and combined with her awesome photography I could drool over this site all day! http://www.pastryaffair.com/

4. Say what you will Yes, I have a girl crush! I love the layout of this site too! http://collaboration.skype.com/victoria-beckham/#chapter1/fashion-calling

5. Always a fun read (and for when I’m missing warmer weather)! http://blog.mrslilien.com/

6. With the Super Bowl this weekend I had to add at least one link. But this one really makes me want to get out my glue gun! http://media.bloomingdales.com/fashion-touchdown/index.aspx#helmets

7. Some really awesome PomPom and Tassel maker tools I’ll be using in a DIY next week. http://pattiewack.com/product-category/tools/

8. I’m a certified magazine junkie! This one’s a great online read for all things girly and chic. http://www.matchbookmag.com/

9. Because we all need to laugh! http://www.catster.com/molz/texts-from-mittens-the-cat-humor-behavior-olympics-olympic-athletes

Have an amazing weekend, do something nice for yourself and create your own style! xoxo Cathy

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