This chain belt necklace DIY is very simple to make and will add just enough urban edge to keep a feminine top from being overly girly.

Sometimes the best solution is a simple one.

Chain Belt Necklace DIY Feature


What youll need to make your Chain Belt Necklace DIY:

  • 1 Belt (preferably braided mines from H&M)
  • 1 Chain necklace or length of heavy chain (H & M again)
  • Pliers 2 pair
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Sparkly yarn in silver or gold to match your chain

Chain Belt Necklace DIY Supplies
Step 1
Using your pliers, shorten your chain to the length you want it to be. I recommend leaving at least 3 – 4 inches of the belt open without chain on either side of the buckle. If you are using a chain necklace be sure to remove all jump rings and closures.Chain Belt Necklace DIY Tutorial

Step 2
Take your sparkly yarn and cut a long length, thread it onto your needle and begin sewing your chain to your belt. (Hold your chain tightly to your belt as you work, so it doesnt slide too much.) I made long stitches wrapping around the outside of my chain, to make them visible. Be sure to pull your yarn snug.

Step 3
Continue sewing your chain to your belt on both sides. When you are finished, tie off any loose ends and weave them into the belt on the back side, so they wont be visible.Chain Belt Necklace DIY InstructionsChain Belt Necklace DIY DetailChain Belt Necklace DIY Close UpDIY Chain Belt Necklace

I love this chain belt necklace DIY. Its simple yet versatile, (it even doubles as a belt! LOL). I first had the idea for this project after looking through some books I have on the fashions from Sex and The City 2. In the second movie Carrie wears an actual Balmain belt as a necklace, its stunning! Its such a simple idea and there are so many belts that work as necklaces, without much if any DIY involved, or of course, you can make your own.

Its all about expressing your creativity and your personal style.
Think outside the box!


  1. I can’t wait to try this! (Can you tell me where your shoes in the pic are from btw… simply gorgeous shoes!)

  2. This is so creative and awesome! You make it look so easy. Saving this to pinterest for a rainy day. :)


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