May 25, 2012


Whats more American than a great pair of jeans? So for Memorial Day Weekend (the official unofficial start of Summer) what could be better than a pair of jeans recycled into a chic new bag?

It’s one part Summer camp,
one part Hippie Chic.

Recycled Jeans Bag DIY


To see step by step instructions and photos click here.

What youll need to make your Recycled Jeans Bag:

  1. Pair of jeans
  2. Neck tie
  3. Broach or fancy pin
  4. Sewing machine

Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 1
Cut the legs off your jeans about and inch and a half below the back pockets.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Cut the crotch seam as well and cut off any extra heavy sewn seams.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 2
Turn your jeans inside out and pin the front and back, sew them and cut off any excess fabric.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 3
Pin the bottom of your jeans and sew the bottom all the way across.
Make sure to reinforce your seams at the ends. Since you will be using this as a bag you want your seams to hold.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 4
Turn your jeans, now your bag, right side out.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 5
Take your neck tie and feed it through the side and front belt loops on both sides.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Step 6
Overlap your ends and pin with your broach.Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

This project works great as a follow up to all your Spring cleaning. Im sure you have an old pair of jeans that maybe dont fit, but you just cant part with, and dad or hubby or BF must have an old tie theyd gladly donate. This is a really quick, fun project and a perfect bag to use this Memorial Day Weekend. You can get creative with it and add more broaches or instead of a tie, use a belt or a chain.
Go crazy and be sure to let me know what you come up with, I love to hear how you make these projects your own.