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A bit wacky, a lot retro and yet something about it I really like! This MIU MIU Crochet Top is beckoning for me to make one! Who’s with me?


Leave it to MIU MIU to take a potentially tacky (yes, you have to be careful how you wear it) granny square and make it chic. It looks super comfy and at $1490 (yes, you read that right!) way out of my price range, but I figure we can make it for around $20ish, depending on your yarn.miu-miu-crochet-top

Even one of my fave fashion bloggers Jane from Sea of Shoes is rockin’ a vintage top she found in the top left image.miu-miu-crochet-top-inspirationImages 2,3,4,5 are from MIU MIU Resort 2015, make this vintage one here.

I’m glad there is a pattern, but I still think it needs some tweaking. I’m going to get my supplies together and start on my own. I’ll share updates and, if I can get it right, I’ll share my pattern.

If you remember last week in my post about CHA the Lion Brand Fashion Show they were showing a lot of granny squares. They are definitely having their moment again.

Let me know if you’ll be making this top.

None of the photos in this post are my own. I have tried to find the original source where possible. If one of these photos is yours and I have not given it proper credit please let me know. xoxo Cathy

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  1. Hello, I’m sort of new to crocheting and saw these tops and was interested in making one! Could I have the pattern you are using?!

  2. Thank you perhaps someday I’ll give it try…


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