Simply and easily add designs to most any leather clutch with heat transfers to create a cute and on trend Leather Clutch DIY.

Leather Clutch DIY Tutorial by Trinkets in Bloom

Did you know how easy it is to add heat transfers to leather? For most leather it’s just like transferring onto fabric. Just make sure to use a dry iron (no steam), it’s so easy.Leather Clutch DIY with Stripes and Heart Photo


Leather Clutch DIY Supplies
step 1
Decide what kind of design you want on your leather clutch.

I made 3 stripes and a heart on my clutch.

Measure on your clutch and decide how wide you want your stripes to be.

I made the 2 outside stripes 1 inch wide and the middle stripe 3 inches wide.

Using your ruler measure and draw lines on your transfer sheets using a pencil.

Cut them out.Leather Clutch DIY Cutting Heat Transfer Strips

step 2
I also put a heart on top of my stripes.

I drew a heart on paper and traced it onto my transfer paper.Leather Clutch DIY Drawing Your Design

You can also use a stencil if you have one.Leather Clutch DIY Tracing Design

Before pressing layout your design and check your spacing, make sure everything is where you want it.leather-clutch-diy-layout

step 3
Turn on your iron and let it heat up. I used the cotton setting with no steam.

Place your transfer paper already cut in the designs that you made with the slick side down on your leather clutch.

I placed the white stripes down first.Leather Clutch DIY Trim and Press

step 4
When your iron is hot enough place a thin cloth over your transfer sheets on top of your leather clutch and iron on to your bag by moving the iron around slowly but applying pressure. Do this for a couple minutes, but be sure to keep the iron moving.

TIP: You’ll want to be careful that your transfer sheets don’t move before they have a chance to adhere to your clutch. To avoid that place your iron straight down on to your clutch as you iron applying heat for a few seconds before moving your iron around slowly.

step 5
After I ironed my white stripes onto my clutch, I added my gold heart on top of the middle white stripe.Leather Clutch DIY with Heat Transfer Design Finished

Again place your thin cloth over the top and iron onto your clutch.

Just be careful with zippers getting really hot, you’ll want to let everything cool a bit before touching it.Leather Clutch DIY with Stripes and Heart Photo 2

Leather can sometimes be really intimidating to work with. We worry about ruining it or will the paint crack… Applying heat transfers was way more simple than I expected and I love the results. It’s a much more accurate and faster way to add stripes.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you’ll be adding to your leather clutch!

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  1. heat press designs can really add a different look to your handbags, great post give people the idea to change the look of their old handbags :)


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