Create this seasons hottest accessory and sparkle in comfort with these Jeweled Slip-Ons. Who says heels should have all the fun?

Jeweled Slip-Ons Feature by Trinkets in Bloom

The iconic slip-on sneaker is making a fashion statement this spring. Unfortunately most of the fabulous styles you see are more than $300! While it’s hard to improve on the already perfect Original Vans, they make a great base for a DIY project. So you get to have fun and be crafty while saving yourself some moolah too!Jeweled Slip-Ons Photo 3 Finished


Jeweled Slip-Ons Supplies
step 1
The large stones I used came in packages with lots of shapes and sizes. I recommend that you layout your stones on your shoes to get an idea of where you want them before you start gluing.

TIP: Divide your stones into two groups to make sure you don’t run out of stones on the first shoe.

You may also want to stuff your shoes with paper, this will make is easier to work.

step 2
Starting at the toe of your shoe, place your glue on the back of the stone and press it onto your shoe.Jeweled Slip-Ons Gluing the Stones

The glue will squish out around the stone, but it will shrink up and dry clear.

Continue adding your stones and mixing up the shapes and sizes until you’ve covered the toe part of your shoe.Jeweled Slip-Ons Adding the Stones

step 3
If you have any open spaces between your stones you can add the smaller stones to fill in.Jeweled Slip-Ons Left Side Finished

Let your glue dry.Jeweled Slip-Ons Right Side Finished

I found that the glue held really well on these shoes, I wasn’t nervous walking around in them worrying that the stones might fall off. They seem to be on there for good. Jeweled Slip-Ons Finished Top View

I know I just did another project last week using white Vans slip-ons, stencils and gold glitter, but it’s really hard not to go crazy with ideas sometimes. And I just really wanted to make these too!Jeweled Slip-Ons Photo 1 FinishedJeweled Slip-Ons Photo 2 Finished

The only problem I have with these shoes right now is that I can’t wear them! It’s still freezing here! So if you live in a warm area, wear your Jeweled Slip-Ons and think warm thoughts for me! xoxo Cathy

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