It’s one of those ThursDIY’s on FriDIY! So Happy FriDIY! This week I’ve rounded up some pretty fab projects from around the web and some of my friends to share with you and hopefully give you some fun inspiration for the weekend!

Happy ThursDIY a roundup by Trinkets in Bloom

Need it quick but cute? PLA Schneider has you covered with this DIY 2 Minute 1 Dollar Necklace.DIY 2 Minute 1 Dollar Necklace by Pla Schneider

I’m really loving this Patriotic Ribbon, Lace and Fabric Scrap Flag by Craftiments.Patriotic Ribbon, Lace and Fabric Scrap Flag by Craftiments

How’s your green thumb? No worries if your thumb isn’t so green with these Duct Tape Succulents and Faux Pinch Pots by Mark Montano.Duct Tape Succulents and Faux Pinch Pots by Mark Montano

Summer’s all about t-shirts and this Open Back No Sew Tee-Shirt by Wobisobi is pretty cool.Open Back, NO Sew Tee-Shirt DIY by Wobisobi

Create some cute Nautical Bracelets with this simple DIY.Nautical Bracelets DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Go to the beach in style with a pair of Tie Dye Beach Pants like these I made for i Love To Create.Tie Dye Beach Pants DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Making some colorful shorts for summer has never been easier with ColorShot the new Fabric Spray paint from Tulip.ColorShot Shorts DIY Backview

Make some DIY Harem Sweat Pants with Pretty Quirky Pants.DIY Harem Sweat Pants by Pretty Quirky Pants

This is THE Statement Necklace make your own with Mark Montano and his Free People Inspired Boho Necklace.Free People Inspired Boho Necklace by Mark Montano


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