Todays guest/co-blogger is Sophia, of “Trinkets in Bloom Kids” (a.k.a. Zombies and Princesses in Bloom).

We made these Halloween Spiderweb DIYs to decorate for Halloween. Its one of our favorite holidays. We love any excuse to dress up and eat candy! Take it away Sophia!

Halloween Spiderweb DIY Feature


Supplies to make Your Halloween Spiderweb DIY:

  • Sticks
  • Sparkly yarn
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

Halloween Spiderweb DIY Supplies
step 1
Make sure all your sticks are broken into the lengths you want.

step 2
Using your hot glue gun, glue your sticks together in the center by placing one on top of the other at a 90 degree angle and then at 45 degree angles, until they look the way you want.

Let your glue cool.

step 3
Once your glue is dry and cool, start wrapping your yarn around the center of your sticks.

You can either secure the end of your yarn with a little glue or just cover it by wrapping it with your yarn to hold it in place.

You can cover your sticks with as much or as little yarn as you like.

step 4
Once your center is wrapped start working out toward the outer ends of your sticks.

Wrap once around your first stick and then carry your yarn over to the next stick and wrap around that stick once and then to the next, and so on.

I like to vary the distances between my wrappings and keep it open to look more like an actual spiderweb.Halloween Spiderweb DIY How To

step 5
When you have wrapped your entire spiderweb, tie off your end. You can leave the end hanging if you like, for your spider to climb up once she’s caught her prey.Halloween Spiderweb DIY With Prey

This one is the one I made, its for a baby spider. I put lots of sparkly yarn on it.Halloween Spiderweb DIY Small

This one my mom made its for a mommy spider.Halloween Spiderweb DIY LargeHalloween Spiderweb DIY

A little Q and A with Sophia:

Whats your favorite part about Halloween?
I LOVE Halloween!


Because theres candy and I can be a zombie princess. I LOVE zombies, but nice zombies with happy faces.

So youre going to be a Zombie Princess for Halloween?

I dont know what I should be. Maybe a fairy, or Alice in Wonderland, or a zombie princess. I LOVE zombies.(Puts her arms out in front of her and pretends to be a zombie.) What should I be?

Tell me about this project you made for Halloween.

I made this (Spiderweb DIY) to decorate for Halloween and for DIY. (DIY is her new noun.) Theyre for spiders but only nice spiders. I like to make them sparkly, I put a lot of yarn on mine.
We should make zombies next, with happy faces…for DIY!

Its that time of year again! When the leaves change, you see pumpkins on doorsteps and all the goulies and ghosties come out. Halloween! This Halloween Spiderweb DIY is a simple project to make and its great for kids. From now until Halloween I’ll be mixing in Halloween DIY’s just for fun. I also have a friend who will be doing a step by step tutorial for Dia de los Muertos make up.
I’m soooo excited! Keep checking back!



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