Clutches with text are a super hot trend right now. It’s easy to create your own with Tulip Glitter Sprays and a stencil. This DIY Love Clutch, is right on trend and fun to make. Share your fave hashtag #ilovetocreate #glam or #love, the message is up to you. Personalize it and have fun!

DIY Love Clutch by Trinkets in Bloom


DIY Love Clutch Supplies
step 1
If you don’t already have stencil letters, you can create them with paper. A heavier paper or cardstock works best, but you can use regular paper. Just becareful that your sprays don’t get the paper too wet.DIY Love Clutch Cutting Stencil

Carefully cut them out.DIY Love Clutch Stencil Cut

step 2
Use double stick tape or use Tulip’s Stencil Spray Adhesive to hold your stencil in place on your bag.DIY Love Clutch Place Stencil on Bag

step 3
Start spraying!DIY Love Clutch Adding the first color

Have fun with your colors! Mix them, layer them add stripes. Go crazy!DIY Love Clutch Colors Purple & GreenDIY Love Clutch All Colors Added

step 4
Carefully remove the stencil from your clutch and let the glitter dry.DIY Love Clutch Photo

This would make a great gift for the holidays! You can personalize it for someone special, add their favorite hashtag or their initials. Have fun with this project and express yourself!DIY Love Clutch Photo

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’ll personalize your clutch. What word or hashtag you’ll use!

This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions, design and tutorial are my own.

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