We all like to stay warm and cozy in the winter and these DIY Gloves with Rings will help you do that with sparkle!

DIY Gloves with Rings by Trinkets in Bloom

DIY Gloves with Rings Photo 1 by Trinkets in Bloom


DIY Gloves with Rings Supplies
step 1
Using your needle and thread sew your buttons to the fingers of your gloves.

Make sure you can still get your finger inside your glove with your button sewn to it.DIY Gloves with Rings Sewing on the rings

step 2
Decide where and how many little beads you will be adding to the cuffs of your gloves.

Place a small drop of your Aleene’s jewel-it glue where you want each bead to be.DIY Gloves with Rings Adding Glue

TIP: I recommend Aleene’s jewel-it glue (and I’m not getting paid for it) because this glue holds really well even after going through the washing machine. (Do not put them in the dryer.) And it dries clear.

step 3
Press a bead into each drop of glue and let it dry for a few hours before wearing.DIY Gloves with Rings Adding Beads
The glue will shrink up and dry clear.DIY Gloves with Rings finishedDIY Gloves with Rings Photo 2 by Trinkets in Bloom

I don’t mind having to bundle up in the winter, but it does drive me crazy that I can’t wear any of my big sparkly rings with my gloves. So these gloves with permanent bling were just what I needed to keep my sparkle through all this crazy winter weather we’ve been having. Now they’re saying it will be 60 degrees by the weekend?!? Is that even possible after all the crazy snow we’ve been having this week? Does that mean I have to do a bikini DIY for Christmas? I don’t think so! Don’t worry!DIY Gloves with Rings Photo 3 by Trinkets in Bloom

How many “rings” will you put on your gloves? Leave me a comment and let me know! ~ xoxo Cathy

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