Turn a basic tote into a chic Retro DIY Beach Tote with Shells and get ready to make a sartorial statement this summer.

DIY Beach Tote With Shells by Trinkets in Bloom

DIY Beach Tote With Shells Photo Standing
When I was a kid my grandmother always carried these purses that were like very stiff basket totes embellished with all kinds of jewels and images. I remember she had one for summer with white trim, covered with seahorses, shells and pearls (that inspired this DIY) and one for winter with black trim and a big pot of gold surrounded by flowers.

I wish I had kept these or at least had better pictures of them, but I was able to find these online that are similar.


DIY Beach Tote With Shells Supplies
step 1
I used one of the large shells to base my design around.

I used pencil to draw some swirls.

step 2
Paint in your designs.DIY Beach Tote With Shells Painting

step 3
Use the hot glue to glue your shells and rhinestones to your bag.

step 4
Using the Tulip Dimensional Paint add some lines and dimension to your designs.

step 5
You can also add some of the dimensional paint around the rhinestones if you want.DIY Beach Tote With Shells Detail

Let all the paint dry.DIY Beach Tote With Shells Photo SittingDIY Beach Tote With Shells Photo Holding

I’ve been doing my best to keep sketching and drawing whenever I have a moment. I thought I would share my sketchbook with you today and these sketches inspired by this DIY.DIY Beach Tote with Shells Sketchbook 1DIY Beach Tote with Shells Sketchbook 2DIY Beach Tote with Shells Sketchbook 3DIY Beach Tote with Shells Sketchbook 4

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This bag is darling! Love your inspiration! Hugs Nanette

  2. The bag is so pretty with the embellishments! And I love your sketchbook!

  3. Enid Collins was the designer from the 50s/60s who made this style of bag popular! Love these! Yours is simply fabulous!


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