Here’s a simple DIY project to get your week started and jump into fall fashion. This Dip Dye Plaid Shirt DIY tutorial is a great new take on a classic and a great layering piece for later.

Dip Dye Plaid Shirt www.trinketsinbloom.com


  • Plaid shirt
  • Dye
  • Salt
  • 1 Cup Measuring cup
  • Spoon or something to mix with.
  • Gloves
  • Coat hanger

Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Supplies
step 1
Fill up your sink or a bucket with hot water.

Make sure your water is deep enough to dye your shirt as high as you want.

step 2
Put your shirt on a coat hanger to make sure it hangs straight.

TIP: You can pin your sleeves up if you need to, to keep them from getting in the dye.

Before you add your dye, dip your shirt into the water and get the part of your shirt you will be dying wet.

Set (or hang) your shirt somewhere out of the way, while you mix up your dye bath.Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Wet Your Shirt

step 3
Pour the entire packet of dye into your water and mix.

I used a stainless steel spoon, the dye wont stick or dye it. You can also use a wooden spoon if youre going to only use it for dying.

step 4
Add 1 cup of salt to your dye bath and mix.

The salt will help the dye get into the fibers of your shirt and help you to get a stronger color.Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Dye and Salt

step 5
Dip your shirt into your dye bath.

Make sure your shirt can sit in there for about 30 minutes.

I had to hold mine, since I dont have cupboards over the sink in my new kitchen.

The longer your shirt stays in the dye the stronger the color you will get.Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Dip in Dye

Let your shirt sit for about 30 minutes at least.

Mittens couldnt figure out what I was doing. She tries to understand our fascination with water, shell sit in the tub for hours staring at the faucet. She still doesnt get it. LOLDip Dye Plaid Shirt Mittens the Cat

step 6
After your shirt has set in the dye for awhile you can pull it out to check your color.

Squeeze the dyed part of your shirt to dry it a bit to check the color, this will give you a better idea of how your dye will look when its dry.

When your color is as dark as you want it, drain your dye and using hot to warm water, rinse your shirt until the water runs clear.

Let your shirt dry.Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Check Color

step 7 (optional)
If you want, after your shirt is dry you can add beads or rhinestones to your shirt by adding them randomly for a bit of sparkle or in specific places. Its up to you.

I recommend using the Jewel-it glue to add them. This stuff holds up really well even in the washing machine, (but not the dryer).

Just add a drop of glue where your want your bead to be and press your bead into it and let dry.Dip Dye Plaid Shirt Close Up

I didnt add beads to mine, even though that was my initial plan. As much as I love embellishment, at this point my wardrobe is getting a little over bedazzled! LOL I need a few basics to mix in with all my sparkly creations. That and I really did like the simplicity of this simple dip dye.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you make yours!


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