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This past weekend I had the pleasure of being at the 2014 CHA Show in Anaheim, CA.

2014 CHA Show in Anaheim CAThe CHA Show is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show.

Ok, it may be cheesy but I had to take this pic out my window flying somewhere over the Rocky Mountains. After leaving the snow, rain and gloom of the North East it was a nice sight to see.Wing of the Virgin America plane
At the show I worked at the Cre8time booth. Cre8time is all about reclaiming your creativity. They are encouraging taking time every day or at least every week to be creative and make something.

At the booth we had t-shirts from Gildan and Aleene’s Tacky glue for people to stop by and make something fun.

These are some of the fun things I whipped up at the show, while playing around with the t-shirts. We also did a lot of finger knitting. If you’re interested in finger knitting please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of the post and I will do a tutorial.T Shirt Projects I made at the Cre8time Booth
These are the amazingly talented artists and bloggers I worked with at the Cre8time booth. Candice Alexander, Megan Nicolay, Jennifer Perkins, Margot Potter and Jade Harrington. Not pictured Avalon Potter.Cre8time Booth Artists and Bloggers
The Cre8time booth was sponsored by i Love To Create and in their booth they had Rupert Boneham from Survivor showing people how to tie dye. I didn’t get a chance to meet him, however, I heard nothing but great things about him. Please check out his website Rupert’s Kids, where he does some really amazing work mentoring kids and teaching them life skills. He’s a master tie dyer and philanthropist what’s not to love?Rupert Boneham from Survivor at i Love To Create
Some of the amazingly creative art at the i Love To Create booth. sorry it’s not a better pic.I Love To Create Booth at CHA Show 2014
I just had to add these pics from the Lion Brand Yarns booth. They created the 7 Wonders of the World out of yarn and they were really wonders themselves. There are some seriously talented people out there! Yes, I know I’m only showing 4 of the the 7.4 of the 7 Wonders of the World in Yarn
I miss palm trees so much I just had to snap a pic. It was such a beautiful day.Palm trees Anaheim Convention Center
On my way home I wasn’t thinking when I chose to wear this particular DIY to the airport. This happens to be one of my favorite tees and I didn’t really think it would cause a commotion. However, I guess the excessive amount of safety pins isn’t really cool with TSA. Which of course led to the infamous TSA patdown! Ugh! Not pleasant. TSA doesn’t get DIY! Next time I’ll make sure to leave it in my suitcase.

The irony to this story is that I snapped the pic of this luggage tag from my friend Megan earlier that day. Maybe I jinxed myself!Embellished T Shirt What not to wear on a plane
Despite the creepy TSA patdown at the end, I had an awesome time at the CHA Show. I met so many creative and amazingly talented people. I came home seriously inspired. Be sure to check out the links to the other bloggers and Rupert’s Kids and the companies I listed to see some of the fabulous stuff going on out there!

If you’re interested in a finger knitting tutorial, please leave me a comment below. If enough of you want one I’ll do it!

Have a wonderful creative day!

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  1. Cathy, it was so nice meeting you at the Cre8time booth at CHA!

    • Hi Gaby!
      It was so great to meet you too! I love your illustrations!


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