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6 years ago

Whimsical rings are trending right now, so why not create some of your own, with this Animal Ring DIY using plastic toys and ring blanks. It’s like tiny faux taxidermy.

Animal Ring DIY Tutorial by Trinkets in Bloom


8 years ago

Inspiration can come from anywhere and today it came from Archie McPhee.

Toys From Archie McFee

If you’re in the Seattle area this is a must see.

It’s a crazy store filled with any sort of gag gift, plastic animal, costumes and a very large selection of bacon flavored/scented everything. Who knew a little purple plastic Narwhal could make a girl so happy, (oh and my daughter loves her plastic animals too).
So I’m so excited, I found some great things and have projects in the works. Check back soon to see what I’m doing with my new Trinkets.