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6 years ago

Here’s the short list of Great Gift Ideas for the DIY’er on your list. Or a handy list to pass along to anyone shopping for you! (Don’t worry we’ll tell them you’ve been good!)Great Gift Ideas Feature
Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for someone who makes all their gifts. I’ve put together a few ideas to make the DIY’er on your list happy.

First, you can’t go wrong with useful tools that function with style, like this vintage feeling number stamp set or these awesome scissors. (I’ve been loving these for awhile now!)

Second, don’t go overboard on the useful tools thing. It is Christmas after all and who doesn’t want to sparkle? This candle is so beautiful and it’s sure to enhance the mood in any room (even the craft room!) and when it’s gone this jar would make an awesome container for craft supplies don’t you think?

When I was much younger, I asked my grandmother what she wanted for Christmas and she told me a tiara to wear while she was gardening. So if a tiara works for the garden, I’m sure that sparkly bangles, like this one would help anyone to craft better! (At least until we find the right tiara!)

1. Capri Blue Giant Mercury Jar
2. Tiny Number Stamp Set
3. Kaleidoball Encrusted Bangle
4. Scissor Set Large
5. Shea Butter Hand Cream
6. Dr Ph Martins Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolor Paint Set #1
7. Metal Twine Holder


6 years ago

Today’s post is brought to you by the color pink and the numbers 1 through 7.

  1. Kate Spade bracelet
  2. Nars Lipstick in Schiap
  3. Kate Spade sunglasses
  4. What on earth are you wearing?, by Chloe Quigly and Daniel Pollock
  5. Pink Heart Seal
  6. Sleep Mask
  7. Juicy Couture Clutch

They say that beauty is in the details and that it’s the little things that count (and a ton more clichés). Well I’m pretty sure that’s true, so here are a few of the little things that put can a smile on my face and completely turn my day around for the better when I’m feeling a little down.

“The Difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”
~Charles R. Swindoll