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8 years ago

If you follow my blog regularly you know how much I love big jewelry and on the top of that list are bracelets! This post is no exception. This cute and feminine beaded bow bracelet DIY is just the accessory to brighten up the simplest of summer outfits.

Beaded Bow Bracelet DIY Feature

Because this bracelet is so quick and easy to make, you can make one for you and one for a friend.



8 years ago

Infuse you room with the scent of orange with these simple tea lights.

Orange Tea Light DIY

In this super easy DIY I’ll show you how to make your own candles with an orange and a bit of olive oil.

Step 1
Cut the orange in half and scoop out the pulp. Make sure you leave the center white part for a wick on the bottom half of the orange. On the top half scoop out the pulp as well and cut a small shape in the center top. (I made a star.)
Orange Candle DIY
Step 2
Pour a small amount of olive oil into the bottom half of the orange and you’re ready to light your candle.
Orange Candle DIYI must warn you that lighting this candle takes some patience. It will take awhile for the wick to light but once it does it will burn for quite a long time.
If you have any suggestions or if you’ve made this and have any tricks please let me know in the comments.


8 years ago

In todays DIY post Im going to show you how to make a Pink Glitter Tiara out of lace, a sugar starch and glitter. Check out DIY >
Tiara Craft DIY
I was inspired to make this Pink Glitter Tiara for my daughter’s 4th birthday, shes obsessed with all things princess (and zombies but that will be for another post). This is such a simple project if you have time you could even make one for each of your guests.

CLICK HERE to get started with step by step instructions!