The witching hour is drawing near and now’s the time to show your Halloween spirit with Spooky Halloween Nails. Julep has asked me to share their exclusive Halloween Nail Tutorial and also come up with a fun design of my own.

Halloween Nails DIY with Julep on Trinkets in Bloom

While my DIY nail skills may border on a craft fail, I still like to do my own nails (always keeping the remover handy). I chose to do a pretty simple design of black nails with eyes and bloody tips on the ring fingers. I have to admit these little eyes make me pretty happy. There’s nothing like fun nails to brighten your day.


  • Nail polish – black
    red (I used one with sparkle)
  • Top coat
  • Remover if you’re sloppy like me! LOL

Halloween Nails DIY Supplies
step 1
Paint nails black. Let dry.

step 2
Paint two white dots on all nails except ring fingers.

step 3
Paint red on ends of ring fingers, make it a little thick and drippy and hold your nail up to let it drip.

step 4
Paint small black dots in the white dots. Let dry.

step 5
Add top coat to all nails.Halloween Nails DIY on Trinkets in Bloom

Be sure to check out this fun and exclusive DIY nail tutorial from Julep that they’ve asked me to share with you. And for more fun colors and fab nail polish check out Julep’s new nail polish colors.Julep Halloween Nail Look
While looking for nail inspiration online (mostly on Pinterest) I found so many fun and some seriously creepy nail designs.

What’s your favorite nail design for Halloween?

Surprisingly, this is not a sponsored post.

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