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DIY Bracelets eBook

I have some really exciting news to share with you guys today, I’m finally releasing my first ebook Rock Your Wrists 25 DIY Bracelets! Get ready to make some awesome bracelets!

To get your own copy click here.

When I started this ebook I wanted to put all the bracelets I’ve made together into one ebook that would make it easy for you guys to access (even offline!) and find exactly what you’re looking for. Ultimately I narrowed it down to 25 of the best and my all time favorite DIY Bracelets.Rock Your Wrists 25 DIY Bracelet Tutorials cover

With lots of detailed photos of each bracelet and tutorial.25 DIY Bracelet Tutorials photo pages

Each bracelet tutorial has a complete list of supplies you’ll need and links to my favorite online suppliers so you can easily find everything you need.Rock Your Wrists 25 DIY Bracelet Tutorials supplies page

I’ve also added some helpful tips and tricks to make the whole process easier.Rock Your Wrists 25 DIY Bracelet Tutorials tutorial page

My goal with this ebook is to give you some new techniques and introduce you to some new materials so that you can take these ideas and make them into your own. There is so much room for self expression within each one of these bracelets. I hope you’ll take these techniques and translate them into your own awesome bracelets.

As with any project I make, I don’t always use traditional jewelry making techniques which means that you won’t need to have a lot of expensive tools and supplies to make these bracelets. In this book you’ll see how you can use some very inexpensive supplies to get some very expensive looking results. So say goodbye to expensive boutique bracelets and hello to your own awesome DIY bracelets!

Rock Your Wrists 25 DIY Bracelet Tutorials ebook

I’ve also created a special hashtag #rockyourwrists I want you guys to share pics of your bracelets on Instagram. If you use this hashtag I’ll share them here on Trinkets in Bloom.

Be sure to pick up your copy here and start making some fabulous bracelets!

Check out my Amazon shop for links to all supplies.


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