Mix tiny silver beads with colorful tassels to make a super chic Beaded Tassel Bracelet DIY with this tutorial.

Beaded Tassel Bracelets by Trinkets in Bloom


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Beaded Tassel Bracelets Supplies
step 1
Measure your wrist and cut your elastic cord leaving a couple inches extra.Beaded Tassel Bracelets measuring elastic

step 2
Tie a knot in your elastic cord, leaving about 2 or 3 inches extra.

step 3
Thread your silver beads onto your elastic cord.

When you’ve added enough beads tie a knot in the end of your elastic cord to hold your beads on.

You’ll want your bracelet to fit a little loose around your wrist so you can easily take it on and off.Beaded Tassel Bracelets Stringing beads

step 4
Tie the two ends of your elastic cord together and make sure the knot stays.

If you’re having trouble keeping your knot in place add a drop of glue to hold it.Beaded Tassel Bracelets Tying Ends

step 5
Cut two pieces of embroidery thread each at least 6 inches long and set aside.

Using your Pattie Wack tassel maker on the smallest size, wrap your embroidery floss around it many times to make a thick tassel.

step 6
Using one of the pieces of embroidery thread, slide it through your wrapped thread on your tassel maker and tie the top tightly.

step 7
Take your second piece of thread and wrap it around the middle of your wrapped thread and tie it very tightly.

step 8
Cut the bottom of your tassel and slide it off the tassel maker.

step 9
Wrap your embroidery thread around the middle of your tassel a few times and tie it.Beaded Tassel Bracelets Making a Tassel

Make 2 tassels.

TIP: I found that one skein of embroidery floss made 3 of the smallest tassels.

step 10
Using your needle, run your loose threads down through the wrapped section on your tassel and hide them in the fringe of your tassel.

Do this for all loose threads and you can also hide your extra elastic cord this way as well.

Trim your ends.Beaded Tassel Bracelets Sewing in Ends

step 11
Using the threads at the top of your tassel tie your tassel to your bracelet right at the knot.

Then using your needle as above run your threads through the tie on the tassel to hold them.

Do this for both tassels.Beaded Tassel Bracelets FinishedBeaded Tassel Bracelets Photo Finished

Even though there are a lot of steps here, these really are simple bracelets to make. And they look amazing stacked on your wrist, so make a bunch! Mix up your tassel colors and share them with your friends!


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  1. Love this! I just bought a pack of embroidery thread to make a tassel necklace I had seen on the Anthropologie site. Now I have another project to do with them.

  2. I just did a DIY tutorial on my blog hapinesswherever.wordpress.com for tassel bracelets today too! But i like yours better- the contrast between the small seed beads and tassels really work :) mine makes me feel a bit like i am wearing a rosary :)


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