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8 years ago

One of the things I love the most about jewelry is its sculptural properties. Like wearing a piece of art. It can be a real conversation starter and a great way to express your personal style.

You really feel like McGuyver melting spoons over a candle.

Spoon Rose Pin DIY
It has been brought to my attention that melting plastic spoons releases a toxic gas that is very dangerous to breathe. When I did this project I knew that it was something to be careful of and I melted the spoons in an area by an open window with a lot of ventilation.
It is your choice whether or not you choose to make this project, but please be aware of the dangers of melting plastic. If you do choose to make it I would suggest if it’s possible to do it outside and make sure that the plastic does not catch on fire.
There are many types of plastics and a lot of information on the web about melting plastic.