About Trinkets in Bloom

About Cathy Attix and Trinkets in BloomHey there! I’m Cathy Attix. I founded Trinkets in Bloom in 2011 as a way to share all the fun projects I was making. I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I just wanted to have fun and share some cool stuff.

Fast forward 4 years, I’m still at it and I’ve learned a lot!TIB-wired-pearl-necklace_99_6

I work with my husband Iggy, he’s been my creative inspiration. He encourages me to always do better and he never lets me settle for good enough. He takes most of my feature photos, so you can imagine what we do on the weekends (hint, a lot of photoshoots)! He’s also helped me with all the technical stuff that the website requires, but I’ve been learning html, css and wordpress so I can do more of that on the site. But it’s always great to have someone to work with, someone who inspires you and pushes you to do your best. I couldn’t do it without him and I wouldn’t want to!

Here’s what Trinkets in Bloom is all about! I publish an average of four times a week (my goal is to post everyday). I really try to make it a blog I would want to read, with cool projects that don’t look cheap or like loving hands at home.

I write about fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and some fun lifestyle / home decor projects.tib-diy-studded-turban_76

I love making fun projects that you’re actually going to want to wear. You can see some more cool clothing DIY’s here, here, and here.TIB-miu-miu-crochet-top_99_29

I LOVE this necklace and it was way easier to make than you’d think! Here are some other faves of mine, like this one, this one, and of course this one!TIB-wired-pearl-necklace_99_9

Accessories make the outfit, right? Make this bag, or this one, or this one!DIY Faux Fur Clutch by Trinkets in Bloom

What about a hat? Gotta keep warm right?tib-beanie-with-veil_99_2

This lounge is perfect for a Netflix binge watch.

These flip flops are my most popular post of all time! I remember when I was making them wondering if anyone would like them!trinkets-in-bloom-diy-05282012_02

I’ve even shared some food posts. My favorite banana bread! It’s a classic! Or, if you want something a little healthier.trinkets-in-bloom-032012_999_2

The very first DIY post I shared. This Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired sleep mask.BAT-sleep-mask

In the beginning I was sharing outfit posts and more artistic photoshoots. It was a lot of fun.salton_sea_012911_164salton_sea_012911_402

So, I’ve just launched two eBooks! I want you guys to have the option of having the DIY tutorials available on your desktop anytime you want.

The first eBook is all about DIY Bracelets. With 25 fun and unique projects to create an armful of cool bracelets.ROCK-YOUR-WRISTS-COVER-800A
The second eBook is all about DIY Bags. I love a great bag and there are so many way to make or embellish bags you’ll have 17 tutorials to keep in this eBook.ITS-IN-THE-BAG-EBOOK-800A

I have lots of new ideas and projects planned for the blog so stay tuned!

I’m so glad you stopped by and took a tour of my site! I love to have you here.

Please follow me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I respond to comments daily!