About Trinkets in Bloom

About Cathy Attix and Trinkets in BloomHey there! I’m Cathy Attix. I founded Trinkets in Bloom in 2011 as a way to share all the fun projects I was making. I have to admit I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I just wanted to have fun and share some cool stuff.

Fast forward 4 years, I’m still at it and I’ve learned a lot!

Here’s what Trinkets in Bloom is all about! I publish an average of four times a week (my goal is to post everyday). I really try to make it a blog I would want to read, with cool projects that don’t look cheap or like loving hands at home.

I write about fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and some fun lifestyle / home decor projects.tib-diy-studded-turban_76

I love making fun projects that you’re actually going to want to wear. You can see some more cool clothing DIY’s here, here, and here.TIB-miu-miu-crochet-top_99_29

I LOVE this necklace and it was way easier to make than you’d think! Here are some other faves of mine, like this one, this one, and of course this one!TIB-wired-pearl-necklace_99_9

Accessories make the outfit, right? Make this bag, or this one, or this one!DIY Faux Fur Clutch by Trinkets in Bloom

What about a hat? Gotta keep warm right?tib-beanie-with-veil_99_2

This lounge is perfect for a Netflix binge watch.

These flip flops are my most popular post of all time! I remember when I was making them wondering if anyone would like them!trinkets-in-bloom-diy-05282012_02

The very first DIY post I shared. This Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired sleep mask.BAT-sleep-mask

I’ve even shared some food posts. My favorite banana bread! It’s a classic! Or, if you want something a little healthier.trinkets-in-bloom-032012_999_2

In the beginning I was sharing outfit posts and more artistic photoshoots. It was a lot of fun.salton_sea_012911_164salton_sea_012911_402

I have lots of new ideas and projects planned for the blog so stay tuned!

I’m so glad you stopped by and took a tour of my site! I love to have you here.

Please follow me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I respond to comments daily!