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8 years ago

One Minute: Ondine Azoulay on Nowness.com.


One Minute: Ondine Azoulay on Nowness.com.
I have to admit that I was a bit mesmerized when I watched this video. Such an intriguing outfit on Ondine Azoulay, it has a retro hippie feel yet she’s made it completely her own. The Pucci dress, the skull necklace and those boots!

I LOVE those boots!

The mood of this short video is very personal, the filmmaker Dennis Swiatkowski is creating a series of one minute short films on London street style during London Fashion Week. “Theyre portraits in motion, capturing personalities through music, movement, expression, and fashion—its street style 2.0,” Check out his blog Get Your Plane Right On Time for more of his amazing films and photographs.


9 years ago

Outside Frank Gehry Experience Music Project
Since moving to Seattle we’ve taken a lot of staycations, and we’re truly in a great city to do that. With family visiting from other countries it’s great to have fun local places to show them. This past weekend we walked to the Seattle Center and the Space Needle.

For these photos we were outside of the Experience Music Project designed by Frank Gehry.

I am a big fan of his work and this piece especially as it adds some much needed color to the Seattle Skyline. (And of course I’m posting only one picture in color, go figure!)
Style Post Near the Space Needle
Cloudy Skies and the Space Needle
Photography by Lux Oscura


9 years ago

Stare at yourself long enough in the mirror and you will see yourself differently. I’m not talking about seeing every imperfection, but stepping outside yourself and seeing yourself as others see you. Are you ready?
To see more amazing photography check out Lux Oscura.

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