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DIY Kimono

5 years ago

Turn a basic t-shirt into this seasons hottest cover up, a DIY Kimono! Did I mention there’s NO SEWING required? See how easy it is to make your own.

DIY Kimono side view by Trinkets in Bloom

To see the full tutorial click over to i Love To Create.

DIY Kimono closeup by Trinkets in Bloom
I LOVE kimonos! They were the perfect layering piece for the summer and now they’re making a great transition into fall in slightly heavier fabrics with more intense colors. I love how you can get really great color using Tulip one step tie dye, so often your color looks great until you start rinsing it out and it all washes away. I’ve found that with the tulip dye, if I leave it on for about 3 hours before rinsing I get the strong colors I was hoping for.DIY Kimono back view 2 by Trinkets in Bloom


5 years ago

A bold mix of beads and wire make this Stella McCartney inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace a super cool sculptural take on a traditional pearl necklace.

Stella McCartney Inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace with jacket 2
I fell in LOVE with this pearl necklace by Stella McCartney the first time I saw it and it’s surprisingly easy to make your own version. The original necklace is one long strand of pearls on a wire. I made mine on two separate wires to give it a little more stability. Feel free to make yours on one long strand if you prefer.Stella McCartney Inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace tank closeupStella McCartney Inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace beadsStella McCartney Inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace twistStella McCartney Inspired DIY Wired Pearl Necklace tank long


5 years ago

Get ready to add A Dash of Color to your life with this weeks ThursDIY roundup! This week I’ve found 9 super fun projects to add color and style to your life and even some really cool new products and techniques! Let’s get started!

A Dash of Color ThursDIY roundup by Trinkets in Bloom


5 years ago

If there’s one thing I love it’s a super easy project with amazing results! This DIY Scrunch Tee using Color Shot fabric spray paint from i Love To Create is one of those projects. I’ve seen t-shirts with this technique in stores for fall with pretty hefty price tags, so why not make your own for about $12! Let’s get started!



5 years ago

This week I’ve rounded up 9 Fabulous DIYs for ThursDIY that will keep you enjoying the warm days of summer and also for those of you who are already thinking about that fall wardrobe or back to school (gasp!) I’ve got some fun fashion DIY’s to fill that need! Let’s get started!

9 Fabulous DIYs feature by Trinkets in Bloom