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8 years ago

Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I was lucky enough to be on the beautiful beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with my family.

Playa Del Carmen Feature We all need to get away once in awhile and if you ever get the chance to go I highly recommend the Mayan Riviera. We stayed in Playa Del Carmen and it was beautiful, however if you’re looking to really get away, I recommend Tulum. I seriously fell in love with Tulum, I will be going back as soon as I can.



8 years ago

Christmas stocking have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Its always so exciting to see whats inside. This Christmas Stocking DIY is a fun and simple way to create personalized festive stockings.

Christmas Stocking DIY Feature



8 years ago

Organization is my new goal. For EVERYTHING! The blog, the house and a schedule for my 4 year old daughter whos going to be staring school soon. The list goes on and on, basically my whole life! You know, something easy to change.

Some people make it look so easy and Im determined to get organized!

Get OrganizedAll images are from Martha Stewart, because when you need help you go to an expert!

So far I’ve created a binder with all my project ideas, inspiration and all that boring but extremely important business stuff.

Next I have to tackle the craft trunk… right now all my crafting supplies are in a series of boxes and bags in a barrel top trunk. Not the most convenient place for supplies, but it’s better than nothing for now.

My dream is to create an amazing storage space out of that trunk with shelves and drawers that open up and pull out creating a more useful and organized space.
Hey, don’t deny a girl her dreams!

Then once I’m organized the next thing to tackle is my procrastination a.k.a. Pinterest!


8 years ago

This Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY is a great way to reuse the beads from old necklaces or any odd beads you have lying around from other projects. (I used at least 3 old necklaces for this bracelet.)

Beaded Wrap Bracelet DIY

I feel invincible, like I have Wonder Woman’s gold cuff on!

This Beaded Wrap Bracelet is so fun because it feels like a gauntlet on your arm. You can adjust the wire to fit snugly or to be loose and dangle, its up to you. I like mine tight, it makes me feel invincible like I have Wonder Woman’s gold cuff on!


8 years ago

Im always looking for extra touches to liven up the basics in my wardrobe and this Victorian inspired Lace Choker DIY is just what I needed.

It’s a great statement piece that works with either a T shirt and jeans or an evening look.

Lace Choker DIYWe all know accessories can make or break your outfit, but a great statement piece can elevate a simple jeans and a t shirt look into something special. This DIY tutorial is so simple, the next time youre getting ready to go out and need a little extra something you can make it in less time than it took you to pick out your shoes!


To see the step by step instructions and pictures click here.