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9 years ago

This weekend we had our first snowfall of the season in Seattle.

I’m always amazed at how snow falling can quiet a city. We have the most amazing park near our house, in less than five minutes we can feel like we’re in the middle of the woods. As we were taking these pics the snow started to fall more intensely with huge flakes, it was so beautiful.
Seattle Snow Fashion
Winter Weather Fashion

Snow Seattle
Coat Jones New York, Pants Citizens of Humanity, Sweater Gap, Boots Frye
Photography by Lux Oscura


9 years ago


Relaxing at home on a Sunday, catching up on my magazines. Ring is my own design.

Photography by Lux Oscura


9 years ago

Stare at yourself long enough in the mirror and you will see yourself differently. I’m not talking about seeing every imperfection, but stepping outside yourself and seeing yourself as others see you. Are you ready?
To see more amazing photography check out Lux Oscura.

RING vintage pin, SWEATER the Gap, MAKE UP Chanel