If a basic T shirt is a must have for any wardrobe, then a basic T shirt dress is a must have for Summer.

This simple DIY tutorial will show you how to turn a basic t shirt into a cute Summer dress.T Shirt Dress DIY


To see step by step instructions and photos click here.

What youll need to make your T Shirt Dress DIY:

  1. 1 T Shirt in your size (try to find one thats a little long, I found mine at Old Navy)
  2. 1 T Shirt at least 2 sizes larger
  3. Scissors
  4. Tape measure
  5. Pins
  6. Sewing machine

Supplies For Your T Shirt Dress DIY
Step 1
Take your larger T shirt and lay it flat on a table, measure how long you want your skirt to be, mark it and cut your shirt straight across.
Since the T shirt that I used for the body of my dress was a bit long I only needed to make my skirt 9 inches and I was able to cut a 2nd strip the same length to add more gathers to the skirt.How to Make A T Shirt Dress

Step 2
Cut open the side seams on both strips that you will be using for your skirt.DIY Tutorial for T Shirt Dress

Step 3
Pin and sew a hem in your 2nd strip of fabric that you will be using for your skirt, use the existing hem for as much of your skirt as you can.
Sew your strips together.DIY Fashion T Shirt Dress

Step 4
Sew 2 parallel stitch lines along the cut edge of your skirt. Use a big stitch so they will be easy to gather.
Pull the bobbin threads and gather your skirt.T Shirt Dress TutorialT Shirt Dress How to

Step 5
Lay out your top T shirt flat on a table and place your skirt (inside out and upside down) on top. Very carefully adjust your gathers so they are even all the way around and pin.
Sew your skirt to your T shirt. I recommend using a stretch stitch on your machine if you have one, otherwise use a very small stitch.T Shirt Dress DIY TutorialT Shirt Dress Fashion DIY Tutorial

As the weather heats up its so nice to just throw on a comfortable dress, some cute shoes, your favorite jewelry and youre out the door. One of the best things about wearing a dress is how effortlessly they can make you look pulled together, even on a hot day. This is such a simple DIY project, but you still have a lot of room to get creative.
Tell me how yours turn out, I love hearing from you.

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28 comments on “T SHIRT DRESS DIY

  1. becky on

    This is so cute.Thank-you for the tutorial. I think I may have a project tomorrow that trumps chores.Again thank-you very much.It really is adorable,comfortable I could go on and on but you get my point.Thank-you.Becky

  2. Alex on

    This is seriously cute! I am off to go and find some t-shirts right now and get sewing! Absolutely love this dress and it definitely beats any plans I had for today.

    • Cathy on

      Hi Janet,
      The body of the dress is the smaller tee, the one that fits you. You use the larger tee for the skirt that way you have more fabric to gather giving you a more ruffled skirt.

  3. JoJo on

    I am a huge baseball fan and to make one of these from my favorite team’s shirts will be sooooooo awesome!!! Love this idea!!!

  4. Iona on

    I made it but the t shirt fabric almost killed my mum’s sewing machine! Oops! :S!!!!! I also made it with 2 colours which looks awesome!!

  5. Amy on

    I have lost 70lbs and I have some shirts that are way too big on me. This is a great way to recycle them to wear while I continue to lose another 70. Thanks!

    • Cathy on

      Hi Melissa,
      I used a zig zag stitch but not the normal zig zag, I used the one that has multiple stitches. So instead of one stitch per zig and one per zag it’s 2-3 stitches per. It helps to keep the knits from pulling.
      I hope that makes sense. Good luck!

  6. Mary in FL on

    I used to do this for my DD when she was small. I hate to gather, so I pinned the skirt on at regular intervals – halves, halves again, halves again, etc. When sewing on the skirt, with the skirt on top, as I reached each pin, I would fold the loose fabric towards me just before pulling out the pin and sewing it down. This is an easy way to make pleats..

  7. janny226 on

    Lovely! Thanks so much for posting how to do this. I won an oversized tee at an event and am going to make this to wear the shirt to the same event next time! I also used another tutorial (also found online) to tailor the top of the tee, now I am adding the skirt. I’m with Mary in FL, I am making pleats instead of ruffles, partly because I’m using a regular cotton fabric instead of t-shirt material.

  8. Carolyn on

    I’m a little confused on step 2. Both strips will have two side seams. Do I cut all 4 or just one on each strip?

  9. Sherry on

    I am really into comfy dresses and especially t-shirt ones! I can’t wait to try making this because I usually see the basic tie-waist ones but never have I seen this cute ruffled one! <3 Thanks for this tutorial!

  10. Gill on

    What a great idea. My granddaughter loves these sort of dresses and has lots of t-shirts she doesn’t wear as doesn’t really like leggings or skirts. I am thinking now if I buy some of the largest men’s t-shirts I can find they might be wide enough to make the whole skirt with no join and no hemming, thank you so much.

  11. Tracy Walker on

    Really wish I could sew, but all my efforts end up not so good :! Love your comfy T-shirt dress, you should sell them :) I’ve tried to see if anyone has used the pretty long camisoles with lace and apply the same ideas to make dresses but haven’t found any.


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