Today I’m sharing this really cool belt which is a symbol for an even greater cause, Snap2Live, helping to spread the word about road safety.

Snap2Live Giveaway on Trinkets in Bloom

I admit that I’m the person who insists that everyone has their seat belt on before I start driving and I’m always on my husband’s case about looking at his phone while driving. Please help me spread the message of Snap2Live and encourage everyone you know to focus on driving safely. I signed the pledge, will you?Snap2Live PledgeSnap2Live Get involved

Snap2Live belts, which feature the UN decade of action logo are unisex, one size fits all and come in a variety of colors. Social Entrepreneur, Do-gooder Ernesto Arguello created the Snap2Live belt to spread awareness on the “United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.” The Snap2Live inspired fashion accessory engages brand enthusiast to become vocal supporters of the road safety campaign, helping save millions of lives and raise funds for the same mission.Snap2Live Belts

Snap2Live belts were designed to raise awareness on a global phenomenon: Road Crashes. Upon hearing that, “road crashes are the leading cause of death among youth,” Snap2Live founder, Ernesto Arguello felt compelled to do something. In an effort to support the, “United Nations decade of action for Road Safety” Snap2Live pledges 70% of the profits to the Road Safety Fund, which includes donations for the UN’s work in road safety and to create safe, affordable communities in developing countries. Utilizing his background as both an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Ernesto is fashionably bringing attention to the fact that over a million people are dying every year on the world’s roads and that together, we can do something about it. For further information, visit Support Road SafetySnap2Live Movement

This is a really cool belt on it’s own or you could add your own personal touch by adding some rhinestones, painting it, you name it, but just make sure you keep it safe while driving and spread the word. NO TEXTING and driving! Seriously, it can wait.

Check out their website for more information And follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

To help you spread this safety message the awesome people at Snap2Live are letting me giveaway one belt!

To enter to win please leave a comment below about how you’d like to help spread the message about safe driving. (And think about what color you’d like!)
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  1. Love this! I would totally rock one of these

    • With two kids road safety is a top priority for me. No texting, seatbelts are a must, and drunk driving is a special pet peeve for me.

  2. It is important because no one should have to experience an accident or be hurt.

  3. Road Safety is important to me, ALL of my friends and families are on the road every single day. We as a group need to bring awareness to this on going tragedy. If I owned these belts, I would add rhinestones, stitching and painting to bring this attention to the masses wherever I went!

  4. I really think I would have to DIY to a number of different ones, i.e. glitter, paint rhinestones you know just glam them all up!

  5. I would definitely bling this out with rhinestones to draw attention to the belt and the cause!

  6. I spread the word by example and insisting that everyone wear their seat belts when in my vehicle. I’d give my teenage son the red one

  7. This is great! I love the cause! I am always taking my friends phones from them when they are driving and typing the texg for them. I hate to see people not buckle up, my older sister always used to do that growing up and i would always yell at her to buckle up.


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