Create a fun and sparkly Rhinestone Bungee Bracelet DIY with this simple tutorial. You’d never expect bungee cords to be so fashionable!

Rhinestone Bungee Bracelet DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

In my latest post for i Love To Create, I’ve used some of their bungee cords from Tulip to create simple sparkly bracelets. They’re perfect for stacking with other bracelets or giving as gifts! Check out the full DIY tutorial to make your own!

Sometimes unexpected materials can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. With the bungee cords you’ve taken care of your bracelet base and closure!

Rhinestone Bungee Bracelet DIY Side View

To make your own bracelets check out the full DIY tutorial here.

You can mix up your colors and really have fun with these! You could even use a metallic embroidery thread to really give them sparkle!

What makes these bungee cords work so well for bracelets is that the hooks are not rough and the tension from the bungee part keeps them snug on your wrist!

Rhinestone Bungee Bracelet DIY Back View

These bracelets are quick and fun to make and with the bungee cords coming 5 to a pack you can easily make lots of them, to either wear together or give as gifts.

Leave me a comment and let me know how your bracelets turn out!


  1. I haven’t made any yet but I was wondering if the catch on them would poke into your arm.


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