A little over the top, perhaps a (tiny) bit tacky, but these Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses are fun, preppy and definitely on trend for summer.

Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Feature www.trinketsinbloom.com


Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Photo 2


  • 1 Pair sunglasses preferably cateye (Mine are â„… Sunglass Warehouse)
  • Pink round studs (I bought mine at M & J)
  • 2 Small elephant beads
  • Glue

Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Supplies
step 1

Determine the placement of your studs and beads. Lay them out, draw some pictures, whatever works for you.

step 2

I glued my two elephant beads first, one on each corner at the point of the cateye.Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Elephant Beads

step 3

Then start gluing your pink studs around your elephant beads.

TIP: I found it worked best to put a small amount of glue on a paper plate and use a toothpick to apply the glue to the glasses, then set the stud into the glue.

I glued mine across the top of the glasses frame and a little bit down the sides on the front.Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Studs

I also put two studs on each of the bows of the sunglasses, one at the very end (so it will peek out behind my ear) and the other one at the front of the bow to give more of a cat eye shape from the side.

Let the glue dry.Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Side ViewPink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses FinishedPink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Photo 1Pink and Green Elephant DIY Sunglasses Photo 3

Embellished sunglasses are not only fun to make but also fun to wear and theyre everywhere in so many different versions for summer. You can use so many different beads, studs, rhinestones, whatever you like to make your sunglasses your own.

Sunglass Warehouse
was nice enough to send me these super cute cateye sunglasses. They also sent me two more pairs be sure to check back next Monday for a fun painted sunglasses DIY! If youre in need of some sunnies to embellish be sure to check out their site, they have so many styles to choose from youre sure to find your favorites (and you cant beat their prices)!

Express your creativity this 4th of July and create a fun pair of embellished DIY sunglasses!
Happy 4th of July!

What’s your favorite embellishment to add to your sunglasses? Leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know!

The sunglasses used in this post were provided by Sunglass Warehouse. The DIY tutorial, concept, ideas and opinions are all my own.


  1. J’adore ! Thanks a lot for this DIY that’s exactly what I was looking for ! + thoses sunglasses are amazing on you !!!

    • Thank you so much Melodie!!! I’m so glad you like them!


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