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Patched Denim Trend Inspiration

Patched Denim Trend Inspiration by Trinkets in Bloom

Patched denim is a fun trend for fall that you definitely don’t want to miss, it’s easy to wear and looks best a bit dressed up. Whether you want to add patches or rip off your pockets, designers are showing many different versions of this trend for fall, the choice is yours.

Check out these DIY’s to make your own patched denim:

  1. DIY Patched Skinny Jeans
  2. DIY Patched Jeans
  3. DIY Sketched Patches
  4. Denim Maxi Skirt DIY
  5. Denim Mini Bag DIY
  6. Recycled Jeans Bag DIY

Most of us already have an old pair of jeans that are begging for an upgrade. You can also use old mens jeans for the patches or even other fabric you have. You want this look to be really unique so mix up colors, shades of denim, or even textures. Don’t hold back, this is a bold trend, it’s time to have fun!

Love this trend, but not much of a patched jeans person? Try a cute skirt or a bag.

To style this trend and keep from looking like you’re cleaning house, it’s best to pair patched jeans with heels or cute flats, and lots of sparkly jewelry, this is the time for statement pieces.

Leave a comment and let me know how you’ll wear this trend.


  1. Ignacio Villamar

    Lots of inspiration! Thanks


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