Add some texture and a mix of color to a basic skinny belt with this simple Paracord Belt DIY.

Paracord Belt DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

Paracord Belt DIY Photo


  • Skinny belt
  • Paracord
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Paracord Belt DIY Supplies
step 1
Open your package of paracord and keeping it all in one piece, fold it in half. Yes, it’s really long, but knotting takes a lot of cord.

Start by tying a simple knot around the top of your belt, just above the loop.Paracord Belt DIY Starting to make knots

step 2
Using one of the most basic macrame knots the square knot, you’ll make knots around your belt.Paracord Belt DIY KnottingParacord Belt DIY Pulling the Knot Tight

step 3
Continue making your knots over the length of your belt.Paracord Belt DIY More KnotsParacord Belt DIY Close UP

You’ll want to stop before you get to the holes.Paracord Belt DIY Finished

step 4
When you’ve finished making all your knots, tie a simple knot on the back side of your belt.Paracord Belt DIY Finishing

Secure it with glue, I used hot glue you can also try E6000 or another strong glue.

Trim your ends.Paracord Belt DIY Front View
This Paracord Belt DIY is a simple way to add some color and texture to your summer wardrobe. You can mix up your colors to fit your style or mood.Paracord Belt DIY Back View

Leave me a comment and let me know how your belt turns out!

Happy Friday!

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