Personalize your own cute tote for the summer with lots of color and this Love Tote DIY tutorial I created for i Love To Create.

Colorshot Love Tote DIY by Trinkets in Bloom

To see the full tutorial click over to i Love To Create.

Create a cute and colorful tote for the summer in minutes using Tulip’s ColorShot. I’m still really impressed at how well ColorShot works. You really can get solid smooth color and fast!Colorshot Love Tote DIY Photo 1 by Trinkets in Bloom

Make a quick tote for the beach or for everyday! You could even use or make a flag stencil for the 4th of July!Colorshot Love Tote DIY Photo 2 by Trinkets in Bloom

While i Love To Create did ask me to make this tutorial and it is a sponsored post, I honestly have to say that I really do like working with Tulip’s ColorShot. You can get strong solid color quickly with only one or two coats. I just want to mention that you need to be sure to wash it after it’s dry. I noticed that it will be a little sticky especially to itself (for example: if you fold it, it will get stuck to itself) until you wash it. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the can and for the fabric you used.

I’ve shared a couple other projects I’ve made using ColorShot here and here. Have you tried ColorShot yet? If so what do you think?

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