The DIY and Craft movement is infusing the world with color, breaking the monotony of mass produced products.

The Importance of DIY and Crafts

People are inherently crafty, children learn by creating and playing.

Overtime we often loose that playfulness, we simply say we dont have time to make a mistake and we go with what we know because its safe, or we let someone else do it for us. All of this robs us of the joy of using our hands and our minds to take a chance and create something that is truly special.

What I’ve learned from creating DIY projects goes further than just clever craftiness. It’s the value you create by taking time to make something yourself. In this age of computers and smart phones (and no, I couldn’t live without mine either). It’s far too easy to go our entire adult lives without really creating much of anything, in fact our society has become so rushed and automated; many people never even cook for themselves. You can see a definite need for this kind of DIY craftiness in our society, some really good examples of this are: Etsy, a huge forum for hand crafted things and supplies to make your own. Or check the DIY & Craft section on Pinterest. You could spend days there and many of us do! There are more colors of nail polish now than any one person could possibly use in a lifetime, but we will certainly try. With so many magazines going out of business, yet DIY and Craft magazines seem to be popping up allover.

I love seeing this much creativity everywhere you look. The DIY and Craft movement is infusing the world with color, breaking the monotony of mass produced products. We’re reminding you that its ok to be proud of your creations, whether they’re a purse made from an old book cover and coffee sacks or a cake impeccably frosted with each layer a different color. To make something yourself and to share it with someone is the ultimate act of giving. You’re sharing not just what you made but a part of yourself.

Lets make it a point to break through the mundane and create everyday exactly as we want it to be. Infuse your life with color and creativity. Make everyday and everything you make special simply because you made it!

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  1. Yay for crafting. Although I dont have as much time for it as I wish I did it is still there and it is a wonderful feeling to wear something you have made :D

    • Hi Pippa,
      As long as we remember and do it when we can, that’s what counts.

  2. Hi! Im a “silent follower”, but today I had to write something! ;D

    I totally agree with you! With our fulltime jobs, with our personal lives and all the other obligations we often forget HOW to be creative, and somehow I think this actually starts at an early age…
    Ive been creating since I remember. My family always supported me, and although I cant live from my creations (specially right now, with such a strong crisis), I actually find not just relaxing to create but it is also a way to “be with myself”. Despite the hard time the world is living, I actually feel happier than ever (in a “crafty way”, I mean)! Because now Im meeting so many people like me! We can share experiences, learn more techniques, know new materials, and the interchange is something really amazing!

    So… keep up your AMAZING work! ;D


    • Hi Inés,

      Thank you so much!
      We all need to step back, especially away from the computers and actually make something with our hands, it’s so important.
      I’m really glad you liked this and commented.
      You have some really great projects on your blog. It’s beautiful!
      Don’t stop creating!



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