With so many wonderful things we can make to give as gifts for the holidays, it just doesnt seem right to not make the wrapping too. This Holiday Gift Wrap DIY is a simple and inexpensive way to make your packages festive and personal.

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Feature


Supplies to make your Holiday Gift Wrap DIY:

Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Supplies
step 1
Lay your kraft paper out on a flat surface.

Tape it down if necessary.

Measure the box that you will be wrapping to make enough gift wrap for your box.

step 2
Choose which stencil you want to use and lay it out on your paper.

Using your acrylic paint and a sponge pouncer start filling in your stencil on your paper.

If youre painting a large area, be careful when moving your stencil to make sure your pattern lines up evenly.

Let the paint dry completely.Holiday Gift Wrap DIY Zig ZagHoliday Gift Wrap DIY DotsHoliday Gift Wrap DIY Stars

step 3
Once your paper is dry, wrap your package(s).

step 4
Take your bakers twine and wrap twice around the package in one direction and make a quarter turn and wrap twice again before making a bow at the top.

If you want you can take a few extra strands of bakers twine and make an additional larger and thicker bow at the top.Holiday Gift Wrap DIY

They say that gifts should come from the heart and what better way to deliver them than with some homemade gift wrap. I admit that Im not always on the ball with my wrapping, but this gift wrap DIY makes it so simple and uses supplies you may already have around the house.
So once youve made all your beautiful DIYs you can quickly and easily make your own gift wrap too!
If you still want more ideas check out my board on Pinterest Wrap it Up.

Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite gift wrap DIY.


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