Take those hex nuts to a new level with this industrial chic Hex Nut Cuff DIY. This bracelet is quick to make but makes a big statement.

Hex Nut Cuff DIY by Trinkets in Bloom
Cathy Attix for i Love To Create

We’ve created a few hex nut bracelets before, but this time it’s a more sculptural design.Hex Nut Cuff DIY Photo 2 by Trinkets in Bloom

Click over to the i Love To Create blog to see the full DIY tutorial.

The Aleene’s Super gel adhesive worked really well to glue the hex nuts to the cuff. The best part is the little brush in the bottle to help you apply it. It makes it much easier to apply, keeps it from drying out or getting all over your fingers.Hex Nut Cuff DIY Finished

Add a little sparkle to the hex nuts by adding crystals, I like the Tulip glam-it-up crystals.

Be sure to check out the full post over at the i Love To Create blog.Hex Nut Cuff DIY Photo by Trinkets in Bloom

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