Summer is all about fun and carefree days.

Clothes often get paired down but your accessories don’t have to. This floral felt clutch brings to mind retro images of Esther Williams’ bathing cap and 1960’s embellishments. It’s a great way to add a pop of color when the barometer rises.Floral Felt Clutch DIY


To see step by step instructions and photos click here.

What you’ll need to make your Floral Felt Clutch:

  1. 1 Purse top (or large coin purse or other pre-made small purse – if you don’t want to make one.)
  2. Fabric for lining
  3. Fabric for bag exterior
  4. Pins
  5. Needle and thread
  6. 3-4 Colors of felt – 2-3 sheets each
  7. Flower template – download here
  8. Sewing machine
  9. Hot glue gun

Floral Felt Clutch DIY
Step 1
Download your template here, cut it out.

Step 2
Using a sharpie trace as many flowers as you can out of your felt and cut them out.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

I cut out 2 layers of felt at the same time, if you do this just make sure they don’t slip while you’re cutting so the flowers all stay the same size. Then make a cut in the end of each petal.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 3
If you’re not making your own bag, skip to Step 9.
Measure your lining fabric and exterior fabric and cut 2 pieces of each. My purse top is 6 inches wide, so I left a half inch extra on each side. See Picture for the measurements I used. I kind of winged it as far a size.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 4
Pin 2 inch pleats in the bottom of your fabric on both pieces of fabric for both lining and exterior fabric.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 5
Pin your 2 lining pieces together, pin and sew only the bottom parts together. Do the same for the exterior fabric.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 6
Fold the top part of your purse fabric over a half inch and pin, do this for both the lining and the exterior fabric.Floral Felt Clutch DIYPut your lining fabric inside your exterior fabric.

Step 7
Take your purse top and sew your lining and your exterior fabric to your purse top at the same time, with your exterior fabric on the outside of your purse frame and your lining on the inside.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 8
Using your hot glue gun and 2 felt flowers, place a small drop of glue in the center of one felt flower and place the 2nd flower on top gluing together.Floral Felt Clutch DIY

Step 9
Place another small drop of hot glue in the center of your 2 flowers that are glued together and attach them to your bag.Floral Felt Clutch DIYKeep adding your flowers mixing up your colors to keep it interesting.

You can’t be in a bad mood while carrying this bag. With the brightly colored felt and cute flowers it’s sure to lift your spirits.

This is a great summer clutch, I think it looks perfect with a crisp white dress.

I was also thinking that you could add a sparkly bead or 3 to the center of each flower if you wanted to make it a little more fancy.
Let me know how your bag turns out.


    • Thanks Nina Mia! :)

    • Thanks Margo!
      I love yours too! It’s adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  1. Coming from craftgawker. This purse is super-cute. Well done@

    • Thank you so much!

  2. thank you so much i will try it i ask if i can make navy blue with roses white and move it look nice ?

  3. hi.. your very talented. i like your style. you give me a lot of ideas to make. thanks for sharing


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