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Omar Sharif and Julie Christy
Last night I watched Doctor Zhivago for the first time. (The 1965 version, all 3hrs and 20mins). The costumes were so beautiful, especially the furs and coats of the character Tonya before the revolution. Julie Christie did not disappoint either, she was stunning. I think the most powerful part of the movie is the story itself.

There are so many things we take for granted, freedom of speech being one of them.

When Boris Pasternak published Doctor Zhivago in 1957 it was not met with praise or even approval. In fact he was watched by the KGB and threatened with arrest, for more information please read this article.
Julie Christie
Geraldine Chaplin and Omar Sharif
I loved Tonya’s coat in this scene, she made riding in a sleigh look not only warm and cozy but completely fashionable and a huge fur hood completely normal.
Ice Palace Dr Zhivago
These scenes of the house covered in snow were breathtaking. Although they did make me cold. The snow sets such an amazing mood.
Ice Palace Exterior

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  1. Brooksy Cofield

    I have two favourite movies. Casablanca and the epic Doctor Zhivago. I say epic because when I think of that word to me it means wide beautiful scenery like Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia (Omar Sharif is in that, too. I agree with you. Julie Christie is beautiful. Omar is quite handsome and I love every movie Sir Alec Guinness is in. Gorgeous cinematography. I have the book. I’ve watched it several times and I’m glad you liked it.


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