With unexpected materials and a bit of sparkle this DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch is just the thing to make an ordinary bracelet into a statement bracelet!

DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Feature


This bracelet has it all, sparkle, metal, fabric and beads, together in one cool bracelet.


  • Safety pins
  • Medium beads
  • Small beads – I used 2 colors
  • Fabric strips – I used a t-shirt
  • Needle & thread
  • Closure
  • Wire – the gauge will depend on the size of your large beads (I recommend the thinner the better)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Supplies
step 1
Cut up your fabric or t-shirt into half inch strips.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Cutting Fabric

step 2
Layout your safety pins and thread your small beads onto them.

I put 4 beads on each safety pin. 2 of the purple color on the outside and 2 clear on the inside.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Safety Pins

step 3
Cut 2 lengths of our wire, slightly longer than your wrist measurement.

Bend a loop in the end of your wire, this will keep everything from sliding off.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Bending Wire

Thread your safety pins and your larger beads onto your wire, alternating safety pin, bead, safety pin bead.

Then use your pliers to make a small loop at the end of the wire to close it.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Construction

step 4
Tye one end of your fabric to the end safety pin.

Begin weaving your fabric back and forth through the front sides of your safety pins in between your beads.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Adding Fabric

How much you weave will depend on how much space you have between your beads on your safety pins.

Do this all the way across the front of your bracelet.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Woven Front

step 5
When you get to the end after finishing the front of your bracelet, turn your bracelet over and weave your fabric through the back side of your safety pins.

Do this many times to fill up the space across your safety pins.

When you are finished tye a knot and weave your end in to hide it.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Weaving

step 6
Using your needle and thread, sew your closures to your bracelet.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Closures

step 7
Add your brooch to the center of your bracelet.

You should be able to pin your brooch to the fabric on the front side of your bracelet.DIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch Adding BroochDIY Safety Pin Bracelet with Brooch

This was one of those projects that sort of came together as I was making it. It was definitely a trial and error. But Im really glad I stuck with it because I think it turned out really fun. This is a true example of if you believe in it keep trying, at the very least youll learn something.

I love using brooches in DIY projects because you can change them out and each time you wear it it looks completely different. The best part is that if you only have one you can still create a lot of different projects with it or wear it many different ways. You can see a few examples here, here and here, oh and here too!

Leave me a comment if you have any questions or to let me know how yours turned out.
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  1. Wow I can’t believe I’m only just discovering your blog. It’s really amazing and this tutorial is so creative. Got to try it :)


    • Thank you!!! I’m so happy you discovered my blog!

  2. This is genius!!! I have a whole bunch of beaded safety pins that I made and I wanted to make them into a bracelet using elastic, (I’ve seen so many like that) but I couldn’t find the right elastic… Now I know what to do with them!! Thanks so much Cathy!!!
    p.s. do you have a Pinterest?

  3. I’m in the middle of making this bracelet that I Iove! I had the perfect broach to use. I do have one question…I can’t seem to get the wire twisted to keep the pins on. The pins keep slipping off. Any suggestions?


    • Hi Dottie,
      You can always wrap the wire around the end safety pin and crimp it tight to keep them from sliding off.
      I hope this helps.
      Let me know if this works.

  4. Beautiful things! Great projects to share with my two daughters…craftanistas in the making! So glad I found you!


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