Update a pair of black skinnies by adding patches and zippers with this DIY Patched Skinny Jeans tutorial.

DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers www.trinketsinbloom.com

My inspiration for these jeans came mainly from one of my favorite fashion blogs Sea of Shoes. You can see her wearing a very similar pair here. Denim and patches on jeans are a huge trend for this fall, so get ready to update your jeans and be in style for fall!DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Photo 2


  • 1 Pair black skinny jeans (mine are from Uniqlo)
  • Denim – I recommend using the knees from another pair of jeans.
  • 2 Zippers – 7 inch brass jean zippers work best
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Needle & thread
  • Sewing machine

DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Supplies
step 1
Lay your jeans out flat and place your zipper on top of the outer seam near the bottom hem.

TIP: I recommend starting the zipper up above the hem of your jeans, it can be very hard to sew through.

Measure and pin where you will put your zipper.

step 2
Cut open your side seam, starting at the bottom hem and ending where you pinned, for the length of your zipper.

step 3
Place your zipper inside the leg of your jeans and pin you zipper in place.

Try to pin it so that when it’s closed you can’t see the zipper.

Pin all the way around, so it’s pinned securely.

step 4
Open your zipper, this will make is easier to sew.

Using your sewing machine (or you can do this by hand) sew all the way around your zipper.

I used my zipper foot on my sewing machine to get as close to the edge as possible and also to keep my seams more even.

Do this for both legs.DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Adding Zippers

step 5
You may want to try your jeans on for this step.

Take your denim and place it on the knee area of your jeans.

TIP: If you’re making these for yourself, try them on in front of a mirror to make sure you like the placement of the patch and also to make sure that the patches line up.

Pin your patches where you want them.

Lay your jeans out flat and fold the edges of your patches under and pin all the way around.DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Pinning Patches

TIP: If you can, use the denim from another pair of old skinny jeans (from the knee part), this will give you a more authentic look and the side seams may line up as well.

step 6
Using your needle and thread sew you patches to your jeans. Be sure to sew all the way around the patch.DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Sewing Patches

This is such a simple update and a fun way to wear the patched jeans trend without looking as casual as you would with baggy jeans.DIY Patched Skinny Jeans with Zippers Close Up

Adding zippers to open the side seams also helps to make jeans that were tight and a bit long into something that looks more intentional and wearable.

Please leave me a comment and let me know how yours turn out! Have a great weekend!


  1. Kathy, je t’adore!! you’re lovely!
    it’s a very good idea and very good inspiration, but with your personal touch of style.
    thans a lot, a lot of kisses from Paris.

  2. What a creative and sassy way to customize your jeans, I love the zipper bottoms!


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