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DIY Champagne Ornaments

DIY Champagne Ornaments by Trinkets in Bloom

When it comes to my favorite beverage it’s usually anything with bubbles (aka: champagne, prosecco, lambrusco, ok you get the picture)! But, those bottles come with a lot of stuff on top (gotta keep that cork in), so here’s the perfect DIY ornament to use up all those wire champagne cork toppers!

DIY Champagne Ornaments by Trinkets in Bloom

Supplies you’ll need:

  • The wire toppers from champagne bottles
  • Pliers
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors

step 1
Untwist the wire around the bottom of the topper and remove it from the topper.DIY Champagne Ornaments removing the wire

step 2
Smooth this wire out as best you can.DIY Champagne Ornaments straightening the wire

step 3
Make a small loop in the center of the wire and twist a couple of times.

Bend the sides of the wire around to make a sort of heart shape.DIY Champagne Ornaments bend the wire

step 4
Bend the bottoms of the “chair legs” in a little to keep the metal part from falling out.

step 5
Twist the bottoms of the wire to the legs of the chair to make the back of the chair.DIY Champagne Ornaments by Trinkets in BloomDIY Champagne Ornaments by Trinkets in Bloom

step 6
Loop a piece of ribbon through the back of the chair and tie it.DIY Champagne Ornaments by Trinkets in Bloom

These are super fun and easy to make and the perfect way to reuse something you’d normally throw away. They also make great chairs for dollhouses and fairies. Happy Holidays!


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