A great way to use up leftover craft supplies, you’d never know these DIY Bobby Pins were made from odds and ends from all your other craft projects.

DIY Bobby Pins Photo Feature www.trinketsinbloom



  • Bobbi pins
  • Glue
  • Chain
  • Nailheads
  • Rhinestones

DIY Bobby Pins Supplies
step 1
Bobby pin with chain.

Measure your chain against your Bobbi pin and cut it.

Put glue on your Bobby pin and lay your chain on top of the glue.

Make sure your chain is smooth and straight.

Let dry.DIY Bobby Pins Chain

step 2
Bobby pin with nailheads.

Put glue on your Bobby pin and place your nailheads on your Bobbi pin.

Make sure your nailheads line up straight and I recommend putting them right next to eachother butted up against one another.

Let dry.DIY Bobby Pins Nailheads

step 3
Bobby pin with rhinestones.

Put glue on your Bobby pin and set your rhinestones on your Bobbi pin.

You can either line them up along the Bobby pin or just keep it simple and put just one at the end.

If you are using more than one rhinestone, be sure to put them right next to one another.

Let dry.DIY Bobby Pins RhinestonesDIY Bobby Pins Photo GoldDIY Bobby Pins Close Up GoldDIY Bobby Pins Photo RhinestonesDIY Bobby Pins Close Up Rhinestones

As the weather heats up, no matter what the length of your hair, you’ll probably want to pin at least some part of your hair up. These simple DIY Bobby Pins make it easy to add sparkle and interest to your ’do’.

You can really add most anything you like to your Bobby pins to make a great statement. It’s the perfect way to use up those couple of inches of leftover chain or random nailheads. Get creative and have fun with them and they would make great gifts too!

If you remember last week I posted about the special event at Vidal Sassoon. They were celebrating the 50 year anniversary of their iconic bob hairstyle. So I decided to go a little more asymmetrical than usual, what do you think? Styling my hair only takes half the time now! LOL The products they sent me from their Pro Series line work really well too! I’ve tried everything I showed here and I’m really happy with how well the mousse works. I helps to hold my curls in place and the finishing spray and hairspray hold really well too. The prices are very reasonable, which is great for those of us who spend most of our money on craft supplies!

Remember there’s still time to enter your ‘selfie’ for a chance to win $1000! You have until June 18th!

Please leave a comment and let me know how your Bobby pins turn out!



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