Going into 2013 there is so much color in fashion. This Colorful Statement Necklace DIY is a fun and easy way to make a layered necklace with pops of color.

Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Feature


Supplies to make your Colorful Statement Necklace:

  • 1Rhinestone necklace
  • 1 Short piece of large chain
  • 1 Short piece of black chain
  • 4 Jump rings
  • 7 Large rhinestones
  • Nail polish 1 or 2 colors
  • Pliers
  • Super glue
  • Tacky dots or double stick tape (optional but they help with painting)

Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Supplies
step 1
Start with your rhinestone necklace and your nail polish.

Your rhinestone necklace can be a very inexpensive one, I only paid $4 for this one and it came with earrings.

Lay your necklace out on a flat surface and decide where you want to add color.

Carefully paint each stone with your nail polish.

Let dry.Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Painting

step 2
TIP: Using your tacky dots or double stick tape, put one tacky dot or a small piece of tape on the surface you are working on and set your rhinestone on top.

This will really make it easier when you are painting your stones, they wont be moving around so much.

Once your stones are on your tacky dots, paint each one with your nail polish.

Let dry.Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Using Nail Polish

step 3
Lay your large chain out flat and evenly space the large rhinestones you just painted.

Use your super glue to glue them to your chain.

Let dry.Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Chain

step 4
When all your nail polish and glue are dry, you will add your chains to your necklace using your jump rings.

Put one jump ring in the end of your black chain and attach it to the chain on your rhinestone necklace.

Do this for both sides and for your large chain as well.Colorful Statement Necklace DIY Construction

This necklace is really fun and a simple way to get that layered necklace look. By adding color to rhinestones youll take your necklace to a whole new level.

This Colorful Statement Necklace DIY looks great with a basic t shirt or really cute with a dress. I love the versatility.Colorful Statement Necklace DIY

Have fun with it.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.
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  1. Lovely design, as always but I was wondering, what glue do you use when glueing the stones to the chain? I suppose Superglue would be too brittle once it’s dried, so I am thinking along the lines of the Epoxy glues, like Araldite? Love, Love your designs!!!

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you! I did actually use superglue. It’s working because where I glued the stone to the chain there is no movement in the chain. If your stones are larger or you use a smaller chain an Epoxy glue would work great.



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