Christmas stocking have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas. Its always so exciting to see whats inside. This Christmas Stocking DIY is a fun and simple way to create personalized festive stockings.

Christmas Stocking DIY Feature


Supplies to make your own Christmas Stocking DIY:

  • Coffee Sacks or burlap fabric
  • Satin lining fabric
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and thread
  • Faux fur, velvet or rhinestone brooches for embellishing
  • Large sheet of paper to make stocking pattern

Christmas Stocking DIY Supplies
step 1
Using your large sheet of paper, trace an old stocking or draw an outline of a stocking.

Cut it out, this will be your pattern.

step 2
Trace your paper pattern on to your coffee sacks and your lining fabric.

Be sure to make 2 of each (lining and coffee sacks) for each stocking you will make (fronts and backs).

Cut out.

step 3
Take your coffee sack fabric and place the face side of your fabrics together and using your sewing machine, sew all the way around leaving the top open.

Repeat this for your lining fabric.

step 4
Before turning your coffee sack stocking right side out, cut small slits into the selvedge on the outside of your stitching.

This will keep it from buckling and getting funny lumps.

Turn it right side out.

Keep your lining as it is.Christmas Stocking DIY Pattern

step 5
Slide the lining of your stocking into your coffee sack stocking.

Fold your edges in and pin your lining to your coffee sack stocking.

step 6
Cut 1 piece of your coffee sack fabric into a rectangle about 9 inches long by 3 inches wide.

Fold it in 3 the long way and sew.

I used a dotted zig zag stitch to help hold and also to be a little more decorative.

This will be your loop for hanging.

step 7
Fold your loop in half and put the open end into your stocking between the lining and the outer coffee sack fabric and pin.

Using your needle and thread, stitch your lining to your outer coffee sack stocking all the way around the top.

Make sure to sew a few extra stitches through the loop to help it hold. It needs to be strong to hold all the goodies Santa will bring.Christmas Stocking DIY SewingChristmas Stocking DIY Plain

step 8
Now comes the fun part, EMBELLISHING!

1) You can use some faux fur around the top for a more traditional style stocking.

Measure the top of your stocking and cut your faux fur a little bit longer and a couple inches longer than the width you want.

Using your needle and thread tack the long edges of your faux fur over, this will avoid any ugly edges.

Wrap it around your stocking and tack it to the outer coffee sack stocking with your needle and thread.

2) You can add rhinestone brooches, just pin them all over the top.

You can also make this part of the gift, just pin the brooches as gifts to the stocking or pin a small gift with the brooch.

3) You can paint stars or holiday shapes onto your stocking and add glitter.Christmas Stocking DIY

Have fun and you can really personalize these stocking to each person. Go crazy!

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy Holidays!

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