In todays DIY post I will show you how I made these golden fish conversation pieces with some plastic fish and gold spray paint.Check out DIY>
Fish Tale Craft DIY
The other day I was looking around my living room thinking, “somethings missing”. Then it dawned on me, what was missing was “GOLD” fish!

This was such a fun project and there are so many possibilities but you have to be careful or youll want to make an entire zoo!

To view the step by step instructions click here!

What You Need To Make Golden Fish



  1. plastic fish (or other plastic animal of your choice)
  2. gold spray paint for plastic



Step 1
Clean your plastic fish with regular dish soap and let dry completely.

Step 2
In a well ventilated area layout cardboard or plastic to cover the area you will be painting on. (I used plastic and paper bags.)

Step 3
Set out the fish to be painted, space them far enough apart so you can paint each one without getting paint on the others. Hold the can about 10-12 inches away from the fish and spray evenly in sweeping motions. Let dry about 10-15 minutes before painting a 2nd coat.

Golden Fish DIY

Step 4
Flip all the fish over. Note: you may have to put some paper next to the fish to prop them up. Paint the second side and let dry.

DIY Tutorial For Golden Fish

Golden Fish Close Up

Step 5

When your paint is completely dry (after about 2 hours) set them out for everyone to enjoy!



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2 comments on “A FISH TALE

    • Cathy on

      Hi Linda,
      I purchased the fish at a store called Archie McPhee in Seattle, WA http://mcphee.com/shop/. I’m not sure if they have the fish online, but you could call them and order them that way. Also a lot of toy stores and craft stores carry plastic animals and fish that you could use.
      I hope this helps.


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